2012 on the Col Du Gallibier

Cycling is my passion.

The Mountains of France, Italy and Switzerland are my home..

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Enjoying life is what it is all about. YOLO is my motto. (You Only Live Once) so make sure you are fit and healthy and that you have time in your life to do the things that you are passionate about and the hobbies that you really enjoy.

My hobbies are cycling, travel in our camper and the world wide web. I love doing one or the other of these on a daily basis.

I am currently refurbishing the exterior of our house (2018) and I have a list of other things to do from my family that will take me well into 2019.

Life is about living and being happy. Finding a job that you enjoy and hobbies that give you pleasure are a couple of those very important facts of life.

Take a look at a couple of my passions in life.

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You Only Live Once

Hobbies – Enjoyment – Feeling Good – Family Values – Getting Away. They all count……