The Health Benefits of Garlic

The Health Benefits of Garlic
Written by Kevin

Garlic Immune Booster

Garlic is famous throughout the world for leaving a smell on the breath for others to discover after havingĀ  consumed it within a meal. So what are the health benefits of garlic. There are many, but garlic is more than just bad breath.

It is a great immune booster that goes a long way to keeping the system alive and active, and keeping the bugs at bay.

Garlic contains allicin, which is an active compound that contains antibacterial and anti-fungal components. This is thought to be the main reason that garlic has so many health benefits.

Studies have been made that show that by consuming garlic throughout the winter months over a 12 week period you have a 60% less chance of catching a cold. As we are all aware, a cold in the winter months is a nightmare and can be very hard to get rid of.

By taking garlic on a regular basis there is many who believe that it helps to fight against colds and flu.

I for one very rarely suffer from a cold or flu in the winter months, and this year (2018) was no exception, even though the weather was the worst for many years with a long cold winter.

In my opinion garlic is best consumed in the vegetable form. However those who do not like the constant reminder of the smell of garlic and the look on other peoples faces would be better off with the other variety.

Garlic comes in a tablet form today, and is also non smelling, so can be consumed without the worry of having garlic breath.

Further research has shown that garlic is also a protector of the cardiovascular system.

100 Grams of garlic provides the following nutrition:

  • 149 Calories
  • 6.4 grams of Protein – Excellent muscle builder
  • 0.5 grams of Fat – A very low amount
  • 33 grams of Carbohydrates – Energy for all
  • 2.1 grams of Fiber – Excellent for the bodily functions

Garlic is very healthy for the body, mind and immune system.


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